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The customer-centric approach in Agile emphasizes adapting products and services to meet client needs and expectations. It focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction through outcome-driven development, simplicity, collaboration, and responding quickly to feedback.

However, the customer value perspective in the TriValue Company model (TVC) goes beyond customer satisfaction to consider the long-term sustainability, innovation capacity, and mutual benefit generated through customer partnerships. Rather than viewing the client relationship transactionally, TVC sees customers as innovation partners invested in shared success.

Some key differences in the TVC approach:

In summary, the TriValue Company model (TVC) values customers as innovation partners and co-creators invested in shared, sustainable success rather than focusing narrowly on customer satisfaction. It balances customer interests with workforce wellbeing and company health to drive long-term, ethical relationships and continuous value evolution. The approach aligns customer and company goals through transparency, trust building, and mutual benefit.