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In today's disruptive business landscape, traditional product roadmaps struggle to keep pace with rapid change.

Rigid plans cascade, leaving teams scrambling to adjust visions and priorities. Adopting an Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT) can empower product leaders to navigate uncertainty. By integrating key principles into roadmap strategy, you create focus while retaining flexibility.

What is Enterprise Agility?

Enterprise Agility is a holistic approach to drive adaptation, innovation and sustainability in volatile markets. It provides models to sense change and frameworks to respond. We call it ecosystem instead of framework and you will see why. Core principles include:

Traditional roadmaps tend to extrapolate the future from past trends. But exponential change renders these forecasts obsolete. Enterprise Agility gives product leaders tools and an ecosystem to continuously evaluate markets and recalibrate direction.

The Bifocal Approach for Balanced Roadmaps

The Bifocal Approach is a key Enterprise Agility method for balancing short-term execution with long-term vision. The Bifocal Approach operates across two time horizons:

For product roadmaps, the Bifocal Approach involves:

This bifocal perspective provides the stability to optimize today's business while creating readiness to adapt as conditions change. Resources focus where most critical in the present, while looking ahead to what may unfold. Learn more about Future Thinking and TVC on Enterprise Agility Fundatemtanls Chapters 8 and 9.

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