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To consistently deliver outstanding value, companies need to engage customers or stakeholders as partners in the creation process.

The principles of the Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT) and TriValue Company model (TVC) provide a framework for embracing customer co-creation even when markets shift rapidly. The following are behaviors and actions we found in a Sustainable Player.

Adopt a Co-Creative Mindset

Enterprise Agility sees customers and stakeholders as collaborators, not just consumers. Nurture a co-creative mindset across your company to unlock more innovative solutions.

Involve Customers Early Don't just ask customers what they want. Involve them early to understand unmet needs and generate new ideas together.

Experiment and Learn Together

Take a shared learning approach with customers. Rapidly experiment together and gather feedback in an ongoing loop.

Customize for Customer or Stakeholder Segments

Co-create specialized experiences with customer segments. Meet unique needs instead of generic one-size-fits-all offers.

Keep an Open Dialogue

Create ongoing forums for open dialogue with customers at all levels of the organization. Reduce internal silos to better share insights.

Leverage Technology and AI as an Enabler

Use technology like AI, virtualization and social platforms to enable greater customer participation and make co-creation scalable.

Support Employees as Co-Creators

Train employees in facilitation skills to effectively engage customers as collaborators. Ensure they have needed tools and insights.

By fostering a spirit of co-creation that a Sustainable Player has, you can more deeply understand and deliver ever-evolving customer value. Market turbulence is transformed into an opportunity for meaningful innovation together. Learn more about Future Thinking and the TriValue Company model (TVC) on Enterprise Agility Fundatemtanls Chapters 8 and 9.

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