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Constant change and uncertainty is the new normal facing companies across industries. Traditional strategic planning cycles struggle to keep pace with disruptive shifts.

Agile frameworks help teams incrementally adapt, but don’t provide guidance at the broader organizational level. Enterprise Agility offers holistic frameworks and approaches so companies can rapidly sense and respond to volatile market conditions. Here are three key approaches Enterprise Agility enables organizations to thrive amidst turbulence:

  1. The TriValue Model - Balances Customer, Company and Workforce Value
    The TriValue model recognizes that sustainable progress (Shared progress) requires delivering value to customers, the company, and workforce simultaneously. By considering these three lenses together when making strategic decisions, you optimize for long-term viability versus short-term gains. TriValue forces broader thinking beyond just customers or finances.
  2. Strategic Mobility - Creates a Dynamic Decision-Making Rhythm
    Strategic Mobility supplements annual planning with a responsive rhythm of sensing, evaluating and rebalancing investments across portfolios. This mobility allows companies to dynamically reallocate people, resources and budgets as market conditions change. Rapid reaction ability is essential in chaotic environments.
  3. Future Thinking - Anticipates Shifts Proactively
    Future Thinking framework envisions and plans for multiple potential scenarios that could unfold years ahead. It expands focus beyond immediate roadmaps to consider disruptive impacts like new technologies, competitive threats, economic fluctuations and more. This foresight enables proactive innovation vs. reactive responses.

Combined, these Enterprise Agility models provide a systematic approach for companies to rapidly sense threats and opportunities, make informed choices and mobilize the organization for action. Volatile conditions become a competitive advantage rather than a risk. Companies develop an ingrained capacity to pivot strategies to changing realities and emerging trends.

By embracing the Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT) as a Sustainable Player, organizations can thrive in stormy seas and gain ground on less adaptive competitors. Navigating volatile markets requires new mindsets, frameworks and approaches. Enterprise Agility provides the support, discipline and innovation needed to succeed in the face of uncertainty. Learn more about Future Thinking and the TriValue Company model (TVC) on Enterprise Agility Fundatemtanls Chapters 8 and 9.

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