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In our years advising product teams, we've seen how taking a narrow view of the customer often limits innovation and growth. Product strategists tend to focus intensely on end-user personas and efficiency-driven value propositions. But exponential disruption requires expanding our perspectives. The TriValue Company model offers a more multidimensional approach to product strategy and development—one that balances value across customers, company and workforce.

By considering these diverse priorities together, product leaders can spur greater creativity, resilience and shared gains.For example, when COVID-19 hit, a travel client of us struggled as demand evaporated. Their initial reaction was to double down on marketing affluent customers. But by using the TriValue Company model, they saw opportunity to develop a new product providing personalized local excursions. This allowed them to keep workforce employed while pivoting to an emerging staycation trend. It opened up new marketing narratives and revenue streams during adversity.

We recently guided a manufacturer facing commoditization of their core product. Using the TriValue Company model, we identified adjacent innovations that allowed both employee development and environmental sustainability—value dimensions beyond efficiency and scale. The result was higher-margin products with a compelling shared value story that revived growth.In our experience, the TriValue lens asks product strategists to rethink what value means in light of constant change.

Who else beyond direct users might care about what you create? How might near-term efficiency trade-offs undermine or enhance future resilience? By expanding perspectives, product leaders discover untapped possibilities through mutual gain.

Of course, this requires collaborating across silos in new ways. But the outcome is exponential thinking, collective ownership and shared imagination to fuel innovation. With the TriValue model, product development becomes a discovery of progress, sustainability and human potential - not just new features.Are you ready to unlock new frontiers of value and purpose? Let the TriValue framework redefine what success, contribution and strategy mean for you and your teams.

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