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In our years advising Fortune 500 companies on growth strategies, we’ve seen most leaders remain stuck in linear thinking about profits and shareholder returns. But the winds of change are requiring new mindsets. 21st century markets call us to realize exponential value by balancing financial priorities with social and environmental sustainability.

The TriValue Company model provides a framework for this multi-dimensional success. And it may catalyze profit growth beyond what profit-centric models can achieve alone. Let us explain why.

Optimizing value for customers, company and employees together builds crucial yet intangible assets that maximize revenue, efficiency and investments over the long-term. For example, initiatives like customer advisory panels and employee training programs may not drive instant sales. But they forge trust, skill expansion and identification that pay dividends over years through retention, capability growth and ambassador networks.

The TriValue model reveals these complex interconnections. Leaders realize how efforts producing social and environmental value also enable knowledge sharing, innovation and collective growth that drive profits above linear forecasts.

One tech client of us struggled to exceed 25% annual revenue growth. But after redesigning their sales and leadership practices around the TriValue Company model using one specific tool (TriValue Matric), they accelerated growth to over 35% by improving customer lifetime value and leveraging workforce ingenuity. Employees also reported greater wellbeing and loyalty.

The magic of the TriValue model is showing how every gain ripples out exponential impacts over time. Sustainable partnerships between stakeholders create positive feedback loops fueling innovation and shared success into the future.

Of course, this requires new metrics and management systems able to track multidimensional value. But pioneering companies from different sectors show it can be done—and the benefits are real.

So if you are ready to unlock exponential returns, sustainable growth and innovation, adopt the TriValue mindset.

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