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The concept of Time of Performance is an important concept of the science behind Enterprise Agility. It refers to a state of flow where people or teams are able to focus deeply on the situation at hand and unlock their full potential.

Creating the conditions for Time of Performance requires an understanding of human behavior and psychology. When people feel psychologically safe, respected, empowered, and engaged, they are able to regulate their attention and emotions in a way that promotes creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. The science tells us that the threat response triggered by change inhibits cognitive abilities and narrows focus. In contrast, Psychological Safety buffers teams against threat, expands thinking, and allows their capabilities to emerge.

From a neuroscience perspective, Time of Performance is characterized by increased prefrontal cortex activation and dopamine production. This fuels the ability to think strategically, make connections, and experience intrinsic motivation essential for peak performance. Structuring workflows and interactions to regularly create states of psychological safety and flow leads to greater productivity, learning, and innovation over time.

On a behavioral level, providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose during change accelerates growth. Giving teams clear outcomes and the power to determine how work gets done satisfies basic needs and forges engagement. Mastery keeps skills sharp and challenges at the right level stretch abilities over time. When people feel their role has meaning and makes a difference, work becomes intrinsically rewarding.

At the organizational level, leaders can cultivate Time of Performance by implementing frameworks like the TriValue Company Model and Universal Agreements. Optimizing for Customer, Company, and Workforce Wellbeing Value builds an ecosystem where human potential is unleashed. When people feel valued, safe, and empowered, they enter flow states more readily. Structuring for regular Time of Performance sustains readiness, responsiveness and innovation in the midst of constant change.

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