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Constant change and disruption put a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on people. The unrelenting pace can take a toll mentally and emotionally, with people feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unable to keep up. This constant "change fatigue" reduces engagement, motivation and overall performance. Creating a supportive time of performance helps counteract these negative impacts.

When change comes rapidly, it's easy for people to become narrowly focused on short-term priorities and outputs. They operate in reactive mode, scrambling to address each new challenge or crisis. This prevents them from lifting their heads up to think more strategically, creatively and with the big picture in mind. Having protected time to reflect and focus enables the higher-level thinking that's critical for companies to thrive amidst disruption.

Disruption often requires new capabilities, solutions and innovations. But the frantic energy of constant change leaves little room for learning, upskilling and experimentation. A time of performance builds in opportunities to develop skills critical to the future while allowing ideas to incubate. This empowers people to evolve right alongside market changes.

Relationships and social connections deteriorate when the pace is unrelenting. A time of performance allows people to interact, build trust and strengthen interpersonal ties. This fosters the level of collaboration, cohesion and information sharing required to weather uncertainty.

By balancing productivity with protected time for renewal, learning, creativity, connection, and focus, companies create the capacity to be proactive instead of reactive. This resilience enables them to capitalize on new opportunities and thrive in the face of constant change. The time of performance lays the foundation for Shared progress.

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