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Spot indicators are metrics that provide a snapshot into the health, performance and sustainability of key facets within an organization. They act like vital signs, allowing leadership to monitor and respond when certain aspects fall into the danger zone.

The power of Spot indicators is their focus on experiences, not just numbers. For example, rather than simply tracking employee retention rates and satisfaction scores, a spot indicator like "Mental Wellbeing" would capture the sense of morale, work-life balance, psychological safety and belonging that employees feel day-to-day. This provides a more human-centered view.

Selecting the right mix of spot indicators is key so they reveal insights across different dimensions of company value—things like profitability, changeability, innovation and social impact. Imagine them plotted visually on an experience dashboard that leadership reviews regularly. Trends instantly convey what's working and what may need attention to keep company value optimal.

Rather than waiting for lagging indicators like falling profits to react, they provide leading indicators to get ahead of potential situations. When done right, spot indicators become a tool to uphold a company's purpose and long-term success.