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Here are some suggestions on where to start implementing the CIRCLE framework in your organization:

We would begin with yourself and reflect on your own beliefs, assumptions and habits. What ways of thinking or operating might you need to "unlearn" to increase your effectiveness as a leader in today's uncertain environment? Being open to releasing old patterns creates space for new possibilities.

Next, have one-on-one conversations with your team. Explore which processes, policies or cultural norms may no longer serve your mission and future vision. Identify areas where legacy practices limit responsiveness and innovation. Listen without judgement to understand their perspectives.

After gathering input, run a workshop with a cross-section of employees. Guide them through CIRCLE together, determining areas most critical for collective unlearning. Capture their insights on flipcharts to make the invisible visible. This builds self-awareness and willingness to change.

Form a small volunteer group of change champions. Task them with applying CIRCLE to high-impact systems and routines. Equip them to run short, frequent unlearning experiments. Meet regularly to reflect on lessons learned and plan next steps.

Share stories of experiments and results across the organization. Make space for people to process feelings around letting go of old ways. Reinforce the "why" of routine unlearning and celebrate small wins.

Keep iterating with more immersive unlearning initiatives. For example, hold offsites for teams to completely reimagine core systems from scratch. Or have leaders switch roles to expose unproductive assumptions.

Anchor new behaviors by modifying performance systems and processes to instill CIRCLE. Adjust metrics, meeting formats, approval steps and training programs to stimulate unlearning.

Embrace transparency and patience. Organizational unlearning is an ongoing journey. Expect discomfort amidst breakthroughs. With consistent support, the CIRCLE framework becomes a familiar navigational tool for continuous reinvention and growth.

Start small, build psychological safety, iterate with experiments, and lead by example. By following these principles, the CIRCLE framework can transform mindsets and operations to thrive in the face of accelerating change.

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