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Organizational Health is a critical foundation that enables the success of the ISKA dimensions. A psychologically safe culture builds the trust required for transparency in Individual Alignment.

Healthy team dynamics foster seamless Collective Alignment. Changeability emerges from organizational resilience. Psychological Safety is particularly important for the Individual Alignment and Stability dimensions. Employees need to feel safe to surface doubts, fears and needs related to change during individual coaching.

Leaders must establish a psychologically safe space for people to express concerns and emotions while maintaining anchors amidst turbulence.

The Collective Alignment dimension also relies on Psychological Safety. Realigning groups in record time and with low stress levels requires open communication, empathetic leadership, and respect for all perspectives—elements of a psychologically safe climate and mobility.

Psychological safety enables the vulnerability and dialogue needed to optimize team collaboration.

In summary, Organizational Health provides an overarching ecosystem in which the four dimensions of ISKA can thrive. Psychological Safety is specifically critical for the Individual Alignment, Stability, Changeability, and Collective Alignment dimensions—allowing people to communicate openly, be vulnerable and come together cohesively.

A psychologically healthy culture and leadership approach are key enablers of the ISKA framework. The model offers a structured path to steer people through change only when founded on trust—check Adaptive Trust for more information about Trust in EA, care and safety.

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